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Roberto E. Chavira, JR :Director, Finance, Administration & Human Resources

Mr. Chavira joined CESC in January 2004. Prior to CESC, he spent nine years serving as an audit accountant for Campbell, Myers, and Rutledge, CPAs. The majority of Mr. Chavira’s tenure as an audit accountant encompassed conducting financial and compliance audits for government entities and sub-recipients of federal funds. Mr. Chavira is a financial compliance specialist and exhibits the highest level of detail and management of financial controls. Mr. Chavira exhibits utmost professionalism and has played a major role in CESC’s development and success. CESC has never been cited for a disallowed cost.

 J. Craig Martin: President and CEO

Mr. Martin has over 20 years of youth services programming experience with direct management of over $45 million in federal job training funds under a number of funding streams, including Job Corps, the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA), the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), the School-to-Work Opportunities Act (STW); and, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act (Welfare-to-Work). Mr. Martin began his employment and training career in 1991 serving as a co-founder and co-owner of Education and Training Resources (ETR). Mr. Martin has over 10 Years of Job Corps service including relationships with Adams and Associates, Inc. at the Mississippi Job Corps Center managing four vocational trades and indirect placement; with DESI at the Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center managing Career Preparation and Career Transition functions; with the USDA Forest Service at the Lyndon B. Johnson Job Corps Center managing Career Preparation, Academic Education, Work Based Learning, Career Counseling and Center based Career Transition Departments; and, with Global Associates/Career Systems Development Corporation while in the Mentor-Protégé program at the Turner Job Corps Center managing Career Preparation, Career Development, and Career Transition programs as well as working in areas such as Student Records, Independent Living, Wellness, Solo Parent, and Child Development Programs. Mr. Martin has served on several Job Corps Center corporate assessment teams in both the Atlanta and New York Regions. The following highlights a few of Mr. Martin’s accomplishments:

·         Excellent performance in several JTPA, Welfare to Work, WIA Local Contracts and Job Corps Subcontracts

·         Developed sound corporate policies to respond to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and CDSS implementation and to safeguard data integrity that supports government requirements and expectations.

·         Developed a variety of SOPs and Operation Control Procedures leading to improved student outcome management, CIS updates, and PCDP management

·         Instrumental in conceptual development of ETR’s Core Values and Operating Principles

·         Instrumental in significantly expanding ETR’s Local Contracting and Job Corps business

Mr. Martin is also Co-Founder of Chavira Enterprises Incorporated (CEI) and currently sits on CEI’s Board of Directors. CEI is a specialty general contractor focusing on contracting opportunities with various federal agencies and the renovation and new construction of residential housing.

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